About US

Our mission is to become the “Go to People” in all matters of alternative medicine, health and wellness. Our ethos is to educate and promote holistic living. We stock traditional as well as breakthrough holistic treatments supplements, and oils.  

The body defense mechanism, i.e. the immune system, and it is this that defends the body against the numerous bacteria and viruses in our environment. For as long as the body has an intact immune system, these bacteria, viruses and fungi have no adverse effect on the health of the individual.

Our Main Goals

  • To become a Global force in the promotion of holistic health, licensed producers of cannabis seed, medicinal extracts, and related products
  • Leading exporters of CBD and extract into regulated international markets
  • To build a successful commercial cultivation facility and build a recognisable brand in a rapidly growing industry
  • To be fully compliant with Jamaican/ Eu/ Can / Aus laws.
  • To grow and supply one of the best CBD medicines and related products to the international markets
  • To establish a well-integrated corporate social responsibility program in collaboration with and benefiting the local communities and Government

Meet The Team

DR. Julius Garvey


Dr Garvey is also the former President of Scientific Advisory Board at Cannabis Science in America.

Dexter Andrews


Dexter has been a strong advocate for the advancement of Preventive, Alternative and Complementary medicine as well as a seasoned corporate finance Executive.

Dr Aubrey Oliver

Director of R&D

Dr Aubrey is a certified bioenergetics therapist for cell regeneration and rejuvenation while activating the patient's own stem cells. He is a healing arts specialist with an interest in cannabis and phytonutrients

Dr Anthony Hall

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Anthony is a board-certified and fellowship trained neurosurgeon with over 25 years’ experience. He earned his Medicinae Doctorem et Chirurgiae Magistrum (MDCM) from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Adisa Lewuka

Sales Director

Adisa has lead sales teams on multiple continents managing budgets of over 150m per Annum. Adisa is an avid cannabis activist.

Ashaani Christopher LLM & LPC

Legal & Compliance

Ambitious qualified Lawyer driven to provide exceptional administrative support and compliance services.

Current Projects


  1. We have a long lease on large parcel of land in St Thomas as of January 2021, and we have earmarked for expansion into international markets, the Farm in St Thomas will be set on 200 acres of greenhouse’s combined with acres of outdoor growing.
  2. Together with strategic partners Unruly ENT the St Thomas farm will be the home of the Unruly strain. We are currently working on a Unruly range of cannabis products as well as edible infusion research and development, headed by Dr Aubrey Oliver.