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Aloe vera & Seaweed gel



A high anti-oxidant base which can be used in the same way as our Aloe Vera Gel base, but with the antioxidising properties of Seaweed.

The carbomer that gives the gel its superb viscosity and silky glide is neutralised by the alkaline salt of the sodium hydroxide. Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel blends well with essential oils. The gel balm allows the addition of liquid dyes.

Although Nassential never use fragrance oils; they will work absolutely fine in all of our base products.

Our Aloe & Seaweed Gel is made using natural seaweed extract, the natural Algae is clear in colour and gives a crisp clear gel.

Skin Suitability

Effective for use on all skin types and wonderful on sunburn or damaged skin. Perfect for daily skin use and can be used on the face or body

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CBD Body Butter



A glorious blend of Shea and Cocoa butters, double whipped to form a silky smooth butter which intensely moisturise’s for 24 hour skin moisturisation and protection.

The butter can be used alone on sensitive skin or blended with other essential oils and carrier oils to create tailored skin care products.

The natural formula makes the butter base suitable for all skin types and it can also be used to make intense facial salves for problem skin or for particular purposes i.e. extreme facial skin protection in harsh climates such as the desert and alpine winters.


CBD Body Exfoliate Lotion



Blended with Ground Olive and a highly emollient mix of oils to soften your skin before gently exfoliating. Once exfoliated the light coconut oil provides  a gentle, anti-bacterial cleanse for the open skin pores.

Body Exfoliate lotions is a luxurious and natural way of exfoliating without the use of harsher substances like salt and sugar, providing effective exfoliation without abrasiveness, making it much more popular for use on sensitive skin.

Body Exfoliate Lotion is suitable for body use, our other exfoliating cream


CBD Lavender Bath Foam



A crystal clear and effective foam bath gel developed to solubilise and disperse fragrances, essential oils and colourings with a big Spa bang for bath time.

The primary surfactant is laureth sulfate, the grade used is highly refined and has a low skin irritating potential, this potential is reduced further with the combined use of the foam enhancer and strengthener and the amphoteric betaine. A small amount of sodium chloride is used to adjust the viscosity of this product while the citric acid is used to adjust the pH.

Nassential CBD Bath Foam is an effective foaming bath base capable of holding a high concentration of essential oils and colourings for high class spa Foam bath which disperse essential oils and is highly effective in allowing them to be absorbed into the skin for a bathing experience which maximise the effects of essential oils

Sensual Bubble Bath

Blend 1% Ylang Ylang and 0.2% Clary Sage with 0.05% Sandalwood (add a very little lime if desired to to give the blend a clever little twist). The resulting scent is rich and Spa like and the Clary sage helps remove inhibitions, relaxing the mind and muscles to aid a sensual experience

CBD Luxury Aftershave Leg and Body balm



A gently formulated Aftershave Balm, formulated for male skin. Our Aftershave balm can be used alone as a fragrance free option for sensitive skin or alternatively used with the addition of essential oils and other carrier oils to tailor the aftershave balm to the needs of an individuals skin.

The simple, luxurious, easily absorbed base is made using natural ingredients without Parabens making it ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin.

CBD SLS Free Aloe based Luxury Shower Gel



made with premium ingredients which are more natural and parabens free making them suitable for sensitive skin.

Our base is made with premium ingredients which are more natural and parabens free making them suitable for sensitive skin.