CBD Lavender Bath Oil



A lovely, rich and nourishing Golden Bath oil which contains Jojoba and Sunflower to naturally disperse in your bath, making it suitable for use in both the Bath and Jacuzzi™.

Useful for those who do not enjoy foam and find that bath foam strips skin of oil, but equally find pure oil in the bath too slippery, overly moisturising and hard to moisturise the body easily.

The natural dispersants give a lovely blend of moisturisation without the slip hazard.

Skin Suitability

Effective for all skin types,



Application Directions

Apply under running hot water and allow the oil to disperse across the bath using a slight film. The Bath oil will leave you feeling moisturised without greasiness and is a moisturisation which can last throughout the day.

As well as being a wonderful Bath Oil, it can be used as a Body Oil for use in the Shower. After cleansing, take a pump of the bath oil and rub down your body whilst it is still damp gently massaging into your skin. Allow 1 – 2 minutes before towel drying. The natural oils will soak into your skin and provide you with day long silky soft skin. Especially useful on dry, itchy skin.


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